Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Perfect Semi-Formal Outfit

It’s perfect okay to feel confused when someone says a “semi-formal” dress code. This concept lies on a faded line between formal and casual. This doesn’t make styling for a semi-formal event easy. There are certain standards you are required to meet for such a dress code. Follow the following steps for the perfect semi-formal look.

1.        The Right Shirt
Wear a white button down shirt for a dependable and classic semi-formal look. Make it more fun with a subtle striped shirt for a day time event. Make sure that your striped shirt perfectly coordinates with the tie and suit you are wearing. When we say “coordinate” we mean team up colors from the same color family. For summer’16 you can try linen shirts for a cool look.

2.        The Right Suit
Say NO to a Tuxedo! For a semi-formal summer event pick a linen blazeror linen suit. Make sure your suit fits your form perfectly, neither too tight nor too loose. You can also consider wearing a waistcoat. A linen blazer can be a perfect choice for a daytime outdoor event.

3.        The Right Accessories
Tie makes the best accessory if you are not planning to wear a coat or blazer. You can choose a tie with fun patterns or strips for adding some fun to your outlook. Make sure it doesn’t look funny! You can also try to complement your accessories with the woman you are going to attending the event with. For instance, if she is wearing a gold statement bracelet, wear a golden wrist watch. Cufflinks can also be a great addition to your outfit.

4.        The Right Shoes
Oxfords, lace-up shoes or dressy loafers for a semi-formal outfit. Wear a pair of shined leather shoes for a nighttime event. While black is the most preferred shoe color, you can also choose to wear brown, for a stand-out look! Never ever wear dress shows without shoes, NEVER EVER!

Dressing up isn’t tough, dressing up perfectly can be. Follow these suggestions for the best look!